This is where all of my Adobe Photoshop works are located.

This was my first ever thing I did on photoshop.

Shrek Painting

It just involved replacing the inside of the painting with another image. Yes, I know it's extremely scuffed.

This task is basically the first one but a bit more detailed.


I had to replace a few pictures in an art gallery with whatever I wanted. To add on to that, I had to adjust the perspective to make it look right.

I made this kid's face symmetrical


I know it's scuffed, but it's kinda funny.

In this image, I cropped out shrek from another image and put him in front of a sunrise.

Shrek Sunrise

Kind of proud of this one, not gonna lie.

I was required to use the magic wand tool to remove green screens and copy and paste the thing in front of the green screen on to some other background.

Cow and UFO

I kinda like this one. Mostly because of the cow.

For this assigment, we were required to make a magezine cover.


I'm actually pretty proud of this one.

So for this, I basically had to use the "liquify" tool and adjust the face.


One of them is the original image and the rest are all adjusted. Can you guess which one is the original? I think it's pretty obvious.

In this assignment, we were required to "touch up" on a person's face and make it more fitting for a magezine cover.

Person Before After

The picture on the left is before I adjusted it, and the picture on the left is after I adjusted it. I tried my best.

WARNING: CURSED IMAGES AHEAD. So we basically had to take two faces and merge them together. I chose Justin Trudeau and Vladimir Putin.

Putin and Trudeau

This is Trudeau's face on Putin's.

Trudeau and Putin

This is Putin's face on Trudeau's

This assignment is basically the same as the one above but with more people.

Family Portrait

My favourite is the man's face swapped on the baby. The other two aren't as good but I guess they're decent.

So we started learning some animation using photoshop. This is what I made.

Bruh GIF

I have absolutely no creativity -_- .

In this assignment, we were required to use 10 patterns and merge them with images. I used 4 images.

BigNateTexture AppleTexture LinusTechTipsTexture NinjaTexture

I think the texture with Big Nate looks pretty cool.

The following images below were made with the help of tutorials.

Man Disappearing
Man With Card
Man With Camera Decay

Extremely proud of these even though I copied them step by step.

We used a random theme generator that chose 3 random words. Then, we would have to make an image using the 3 words.


Amogus Sus

This is pretty much it for Photoshop. I had a lot of fun with these. :)

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