This is where all my Dreamweaver/Website projects are located. I definetely enjoyed working on these.

There are a bunch of random stuff on here so don't be suprised.

This was my first ever website

Warning: Very MLG

Don't ask me what I was thinking when I made this.

This was my second website, basically done right after the first one.

Also pretty MLG

Also don't ask me what I was thinking when I made this.

This website is basically a brochure for people at Switzerland.

Website here

It looks okay at first, but the code is extremely messy.

For the next website, we were just experimenting with certain things.


Basically just three world leaders and their country's flag.

This one below is basically a part 2 of the one above.

Here part 2

Nothing interesting really.

This website below was used for practice.


It's just a table. I used a Wikipedia article as a reference.

This website below was also used for practice.


This was practice for sectioning parts of a website.

This is pretty much all my Dreamweaver works. A lot of these were just for practice but this website you're on right now is the ultimate work. :)

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